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Boat Upholstery Spray Glue Adhesive

by Fuzion · Model MC700 ·  (read reviews)


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Additional custom colors for Boat Upholstery Spray Glue Adhesive available upon request.  For custom colors please request vinyl samples or contact us for more information.
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Boat Upholstery Spray Glue Adhesive

The perfect boat upholstery spray adhesive for your boat upholstery and pontoon renovation, Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive will meet your boat upholstery needs for your boat seats, vinyl covers and marine upholstery projects.& In an easy to use spray glue can, the Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive helps you keep boat upholstery, boat seat foam and boat seat covers tacked in place.& Enjoy life on the water on your newly restored pontoon boat with the help of Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive.

Wherever boat upholstery and marine upholstery take place, a can of Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive should not be far.& With superior spray adhesive for your boat upholstery, the ability to spray glue your wood, foam, fabric and nonwovens proves essential in boat upholstery applications.& Firmly affix your boat upholstery covers and vinyl with a quick spray glue application.& Tack a thin film of foam with the marine boat upholstery spray adhesive for a superior bond in boat upholstery.

Take no chances when it comes to boat upholstery and marine upholstery.& Veada OEM pontoon boat seats are upholstered using our boat upholstery spray adhesive and spray glue for a lasting bond.& Your boat seat and pontoon restoration is worth it.& Join the best in boat upholstery with a can of Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive.

Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive features and benefits:

Average Coverage Area per Can: 8 - 10 square feet

  • Versatile boat upholstery spray adhesive uses.& Veada spray glue is recommended for:
    • Boat upholstery spray adhesive bonds securely to wood, foam, fabric and nonwovens
  • Veada boat upholstery spray adhesive also works well with:
    • Marine upholstery spray glue also bonds well to paper, drywall, masonry, plastic and painted surfaces.

Shake spray glue can well before using.& Hold spray glue can 8-12 inches from boat upholstery surface to be sprayed and keep spray adhesive can moving to achieve an even coat of adhesive.& For a permanent bond spray both boat upholstery surfaces, allow spray adhesive to dry to a tack and bond.& For a temporary or repositionable bond, spray one boat upholstery surface only.

Veada Fast Tack Upholstery Adhesive was developed to offer you a boat upholstery spray adhesive versatile to use on a wide range of substrates.& While it works well on wood, foam, fabric and nonwovens, your will find marine boat upholstery spray adhesive bonds well to paper, drywall, masonry, plastic and painted surfaces.

*Shipping charges do not include additional costs associated with exporting products (duties, taxes, brokers fees, fuel surcharges, etc.) beyond the Continental United States. Customer will be responsible for those costs. Thank you for shopping at

Customer Reviews for Boat Upholstery Spray Glue Adhesive

Average Rating:

4 out of 5
over 1 Customer Reviews

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on January, 21 2011
Reviewed by David D. from Minooka, Illinois

Thanks for the shipment of marine upholstery products. It was exactly as i ordered and at a good price. I would order upholstery products again without hesitation. Great website too. Thanks.

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We Have Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Mickey G. of Texas says:

"I wanted to drop you a note about the new furniture you built for our pontoon boat. As we discussed, the boat had set up with no cover under trees for 3-4 years. During my prepurchase inspection I could see the deck, hardware and engine were in great shape. Unfortunately the furniture was completely rotted out. Squirrels, raccoons and fire ants had actually taken up residence in the storage spaces under the seats. The first thing we had to do was evict the vermin and assess what needed to be replaced. When we started looking at new furniture, I spent many hours on the internet looking at all of the furniture suppliers online. We had a budget to get the remodel done and found a couple that met our budget; all of them were pre-made with standard sizes and colors. We just couldn’t get excited about any of them. Fortunately, I came across your website and after closer review; I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing. If you remember, I called you to verify what I had found. Veada was able to provide all of the furniture and custom build my front benches with custom colors for less money than any of the other dealers. I was able to use every inch of my boat for seating, vastly increasing the room on the boat. In addition, and this is important, the 75” benches you built for the front are perfect for storing water skis and in our case our Texas flag and our Jolly Roger flag. I could not find any one else that built these seats. The increase in storage is phenomenal. We could not be more satisfied and happy with your furniture. People that saw the boat before and after are amazed. People that have never seen the boat can’t believe that the boat is 15 years old. Veada’s patience and support were vital in making this happen so well, and my family and I thank you. If you need any references or if potential customers want to get input on your product or my experience, have them drop me an email. I can recommend Veada with the highest of confidence. Thanks again for you patience and support,"