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Pontoon Boat Carpet Glue 3 1/2 Gal Marine Grade Adhesive

by Syntec · Model MF300 ·  (write a review)


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Additional custom colors for Pontoon Boat Carpet Glue 3 1/2 Gal Marine Grade Adhesive available upon request.  For custom colors please request vinyl samples or contact us for more information.
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Pontoon Boat Carpet Glue 3 1/2 Gal Marine Grade Adhesive

Complete your pontoon boat restoration with carpet glue and carpet adhesive for your pontoon boat carpet. Carpet glue mixed for use on pontoon decks and boat decks, the Syntec carpet glue covers 65 square feet (8 foot pontoon deck) per gallon.; At 3.5 gallons, the Syntec marine carpet glue will cover up to a 28 foot pontoon deck (8' wide).;

Syntec carpet glue is a water based carpet adhesive formulated for the installation of rubber backed marine carpet and polyester non-woven backed marine grade floor vinyl.; Syntec carpet glue is non-flammable and meets or exceeds any state or federal regulation regarding emissions.; Syntec carpet glue is excellent for use on pontoon boat decks.

Finish your pontoon restoration with the secure bonding power of Syntec carpet glue and marine carpet adhesive.; Excellent for pontoon boat carpet, this carpet glue will satisfy from the start.

  • Intended for use on CCA Treated Marine Plywood Decking only.; Will not adhere to aluminum.

Prior to marine carpet installation:

  1. Insure that the pontoon boat deck surface is sound, smooth and level.
  2. The pontoon boat deck surface must be free from paint, varnish, oil, grease and/or any other contaminant
  3. Remove dirt and dust with vacuum.
  4. Secure loose boards by re-nailing, re-screwing or re-gluing.
  5. Condition the pontoon floor covering and carpet adhesive at a minimum of 65° F, 35% to 65% relative humidity 48 hours prior to use.

Boat carpet and carpet glue installation instructions:

  1. After proper pontoon deck surface preparation, unroll the boat carpet over the pontoon boat deck.; Determine that the boat carpet roll is of sufficient length and width to cover your pontoon boat deck.; Center the boat carpet and adjust for an equal overhang on all four pontoon sides.; Pull out any boat carpet wrinkles or folds that may exist.
  2. Place a weighted object(s) at one end of the pontoon deck.; Starting at the end opposite the weight, roll or fold the boat carpet back exposing at least half of the marine plywood pontoon decking.
  3. Open the carpet glue, pouring a portion of the carpet adhesive down the center of the pontoon marine plywood decking, in a serpentine pattern, to where the boat carpet is rolled back.; The coverage rate for this carpet glue is approx. 65 square feet per gallon.
  4. Using a clean, medium nap paint roller, spread the carpet adhesive evenly over the marine plywood surface.; The coverage of the carpet glue adhesive should represent a heavy coat of paint.; Do not allow the carpet glue adhesive to puddle and do not leave any dry spots on the pontoon deck's surface.
  5. While the carpet glue adhesive is wet, unroll the boat carpet back to its previous position.; Take precautions that the boat carpet is straight and wrinkle free.; If a wrinkle does exist, slightly lift the boat carpet off the carpet glue adhesive to remove.
  6. Using a stiff push broom or carpet/vinyl core, apply pressure over the bonded area.; This will assist to distribute the carpet glue adhesive evenly and provide consistent contact between the boat carpet and pontoon wood decking.; If any exist, make sure all air pockets are pressed out from under the boat carpet.
  7. Remove the weighted object(s), roll or fold back the remaining boat carpet and repeat the process as described above.

Clean up any tools with warm soapy water.
Note: The boat carpet can be walked on immediately after installation.; Excessive walking could cause wrinkles to occur.; Use precaution and always inspect the area after contact.

Cure Time:
In dry weather conditions and temperatures between 60° and 90°F, the adhesive will begin to cure after 3-4 hours.; It is recommended that the adhesive be allowed to cure completely (usually 24 hours) before installing objects on the deck surface.; Also, protect the uncured adhesive from adverse weather conditions prior to full cure.

*Shipping charges do not include additional costs associated with exporting products (duties, taxes, brokers fees, fuel surcharges, etc.) beyond the Continental United States. Customer will be responsible for those costs. Thank you for shopping at

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